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55 min ago Google and Walmart Are Teaming up to Take on Amazon
In a swipe at Amazon, Walmart shoppers will soon be able to do their weekly shopping via Google Home.
4 hours ago Gadget Guide: It's Not Too Late to Load up on College Tech
Tech is now a huge part of campus life. So, what tech gear do today's students need?
4 hours ago Middle America Is Crazy in Love With Bitcoin
In May, there were more searches for Bitcoin than Beyonce. Cryptocoins are going mainstream as the middleclass wants in on the "Wild West" action.
4 hours ago Samsung's Sleek 'Note 8' Marks the Start of Summer's Phone Wars
Samsung debuted its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone on Wednesday, ahead of expected releases from competitors Apple and Google.
10 hours ago Many Election Officials Still Not Trained in Cybersecurity
Exclusive NBC research shows many election officials in swing states Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan haven't received formal training in fighting hacking.
Today Online Shopping Killed Retail ... but Now It's Coming Back to Save It
Brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for salvation in an unlikely place: The e-commerce rivals blamed with causing their recent challenges in the first place.
19 hours ago That Game of Thrones Hack Seems to Be Getting Worse
The person — or group — who claimed last week to have hacked HBO has now released what appears to be a trove of stolen information.
19 hours ago Google Manifesto Hits a Nerve in Silicon Valley
A document allegedly written by a Google engineer purporting to explain why more women aren't engineers has reignited debate around bias in Silicon Valley.
19 hours ago Does Rain Increase Joint Pain? Google Searches Say No
Researchers conclude that people's activity levels are likelier than the weather itself to cause pain potentially dispelling an age old myth.
19 hours ago 'Google Manifesto' Firing Highlights Workplace Speech
James Damore, the Google engineer who said he was fired for writing a document explaining why there aren't more women engineers, is exploring his legal options.
19 hours ago Google Abruptly Cancels Town Hall Due to Employee Safety Fears
Google CEO Sundar Pichai said employees expressed concern they may be publicly outed for asking a question at the event.
19 hours ago Snap, Blue Apron Misses Dampen Tech IPO Hype
Disappointing quarterly reports from Snap and Blue Apron this week won't throw cold water on the market for tech IPOs, but it will make investors think twice.
19 hours ago Drama Surrounding Uber Won't Stop
As Uber attempts to turn the page on what has been a year plagued with scandals, the company was walloped with a fresh bit of drama this week.
19 hours ago Trump May Roll Out Probe Into China's Trade Practices
Trump could roll out an investigation into China's trade practices that focuses on intellectual property on Monday, administration sources said.
19 hours ago GoDaddy, Google to Pull Plug on Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer
Both GoDaddy and Google said they would not host the domain for neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, after the site published a mocking article about Charlottesville.
19 hours ago Social Media Is Outing Charlottesville Protesters
One man was fired from his job at a California restaurant when his participation in the controversial rally was revealed by the Twitter account @YesYoureRacist.
19 hours ago Hero Who Stopped Cyberattack Pleads Not Guilty to Computer Fraud
Marcus Hutchins, the researcher credited with stopping the WannaCry attack in May, could face 40 years in prison if he's convicted of unrelated federal charges.
19 hours ago North Korea Already Has a Devastating Weapon: Cyberattacks
Amid nuclear tensions, U.S. officials are worried North Korea will lash out with cyberattacks, a weapon it's already mastered.
19 hours ago DOJ Wants Records on Visitors to Trump Protest Site
The prosecution of Inauguration Day protesters has led the Feds to demand a web host turn over info on all visits to — raising red flags for legal experts.
19 hours ago Trump Accuses Amazon of Doing 'Great Damage' to Retailers
Trump lambasted Amazon on Twitter early Wednesday, accusing the e-commerce juggernaut of causing job losses throughout the U.S.
19 hours ago Obama's Response to Charlottesville Shatters Twitter Record
Former President Barack Obama quoted Nelson Mandela in a record-breaking tweet.
19 hours ago Tech Companies Are Knocking Hate Groups Offline
It's not just GoDaddy — GoFundMe and PayPal are the latest tech firms to kick hate groups off their services.
19 hours ago HBO Investigating Hack of Twitter Accounts
Several of HBO's Twitter accounts were briefly taken over by a hacker or hackers claiming to be the notorious OurMine Team.
19 hours ago Why Wooden 'Plyscrapers' Are on the Rise
America's next generation of skyscrapers could be made from wood. And that's welcome news for the environment.
19 hours ago Drone Used to Smuggle 13 Pounds of Meth From Mexico
A 25-year-old U.S. citizen has been charged with using a drone to smuggle more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine from Mexico by drone.
19 hours ago How to Snap the Solar Eclipse With Your Smartphone
You don't need a fancy camera set-up in order to take Instagram-worthy photos of the solar eclipse.
19 hours ago Online Shopping Killed Retail… But Now It's Coming Back to Save It
Brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for salvation in an unlikely place: The e-commerce rivals blamed with causing their recent challenges in the first place.
19 hours ago Justice Department Pulls Back on Anti-Trump Website Warrant
Federal prosecutors said they didn't realize just how broad their own search warrant for data about visitors to an anti-Trump website really was.
19 hours ago Fashion Disaster: Mnuchin's Wife Apologizes for 'Inappropriate' IG Post
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton has apologized after a seemingly facetious rant against an Instagram user who criticized her for posting about designer labels while getting off a government plane on Monday.
19 hours ago Silicon Valley Faces Its Alt-Right Demons
Online alt-right activity has thrust Silicon Valley into the center of a debate on race and hate speech.