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2 hours ago Google's European Data Centers to Run on Norwegian Wind Power
Google has bought the entire 12-year power production from a wind power farm to supply its European data centers with renewable energy.
2 hours ago Americans Want Silicon Valley to Steer Self-Driving Cars
Americans want to buy and ride in self-driving cars, but they do not want the "brains" of those vehicles to come from automakers, a survey found.
2 hours ago Amazon Announces' Prime Day' Deals for July 12
Amazon has finally lifted the lid on its second-annual Prime Day sale, which it's touting as the "biggest Amazon event ever."On July 12, the onli
5 hours ago Facebook's 'Echo Chamber' Eyed as Election Nears
Facebook is going out of its way to show its neutrality - an increasingly urgent matter as the U.S. presidential election approaches.
11 hours ago 'Future Shock' Author Alvin Toffler Dies at 87
Toffler is also credited with having coined the term "information overload" to describe people's struggle to keep with exponentially expanding data.
17 hours ago Facebook Feed: Why You'll See More Friends and Family
Facebook says it will now put posts from friends and family that users are 'likely to care about' at the top of their news feed.
23 hours ago This Dating App Aims to Connect Brexit 'Remain' Voters
There may soon be a dating app that really gets to the 'heart' of Brexit, helping 'the forgotten, Remain-voting 48 percent' find love.
23 hours ago Zuckerberg's New Six-Foot Wall Irks His Hawaii Neighbors
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's wall has been sparking heated discussion recently. Except this particular Facebook wall is made of stones.
Yesterday Uber Software Tracks Drivers for High Speed, Sudden Stops
Using smartphone sensors to peek over its drivers' shoulders, Uber is promising to keep a closer eye on their behavior.
Yesterday Some Tesla Shareholders Want Less Dominance by Musk
An investor group wants Tesla to add two independent directors to its board and separate the roles of chairman and chief executive.
Yesterday Social Media Accounts May Be Factored in Foreigner Visits to U.S.
Customs and Border Patrol agency issued has proposed asking some foreign visitors for their social media handles when traveling to or from the U.S.
Yesterday Taylor Swift Fans in China Are Betting on Her Relationships
Thanks to Taobao, China's biggest online marketplace, 'Swifties' can now purchase 'breakup insurance.'
Jun 28 VW to Pay Largest Auto Settlement Ever: $15B
The figure represents the largest auto scandal settlement in U.S. history. The deal sets aside $10 billion to repair or buy back 475,000 vehicles.
Jun 27 This Bottle Will Help You Get the Last Drop of Shampoo
It is another addition to a growing field of 'self-cleaning' surfaces that can repel liquids such as water or oil.
Jun 27 Fraud Alert: ID Thieves Hijack Mobile Phone Accounts
Identity thieves have come up with another devious way to make money by pretending to be someone else — hijacking mobile phone accounts.
Jun 27 RIP Headphone Jack? Apple May Do It Again
With reports that the next iPhone won't have a headphone jack, take a look at Apple's long history of killing off features.
Jun 27 Apparent Conflicts May Dog Tesla-SolarCity Deal
The overlap created a glaring conflict of interest that's fueling concerns about whether Musk is milking Tesla's market value and brand recognition.
Jun 24 Investors Fuming as Some Broker Sites Crash After Brexit
Social media users flooded TD Ameritrade's and Fidelity Investments' Twitter feeds with irate messages on Friday, as customers struggled to access their accounts.
Jun 23 How Social Media Fueled House Lawmakers' Sit-In
This already was shaping up to be an election year dominated by opinions declared on Facebook and barbs traded via Tweet.
Jun 23 Why Uber Is Better at Geolocation Than 911 Dispatch Centers
Pizza Hut and Uber have this advantage over the 911 system.
Jun 23 Bones, Pugs and Harmony: Pets Get In on 'Brexit' Vote
As Brits head to the Brexit polls, now man's best friend has been enlisted to support the "rufferendum."
Jun 23 Solar Plane Lands in Spain After Trans-Atlantic Voyage
An experimental solar-powered airplane landed in Spain Thursday, completing an unprecedented three-day flight across the Atlantic.
Jun 23 As Obama Heads to Silicon Valley, Hot-Button Issues Are off the Agenda
President Obama will head to Silicon Valley on Friday to a summit aimed at connecting tech entrepreneurs and the venture capital community.
Jun 23 'Autism Glass' App Helps Kids Read Emotions
A new app designed for Google Glass helps kids with autism figure out the expressions on the faces of friends and family.
Jun 23 Amazon Prime Falls Foul of French Authorities - Again
Amazon has irked the French - again - this time in the form of its new food delivery service, Amazon Prime Now.
Jun 22 Could New Technology Help Prevent Hot Car Deaths?
At least 16 kids have reportedly died from heatstroke after being left in hot cars — more than double the number who perished by this time last year.
Jun 22 Unlike Apple Pay, New Samsung System Won't Charge Banks
Smartphone leader Samsung Electronics will not be seeking fees from its financial partners, unlike the Apple Pay system.
Jun 22 You Can Tour Secret 'Manhattan Project' Lab With an App
The efforts during World War II to develop an atomic bomb were once shrouded in secrecy, but today, you can now visit the project on your smartphone.
Jun 22 Did Russian Hackers Strike Hillary Clinton Again?
Russian hackers are believed to have breached the Clinton Foundation — and appear to be the same cyber spies who swiped files from the DNC.
Jun 22 Senate Likely to Pass FBI Spying Bill After Orlando Shooting
The U.S. Senate is likely to pass a Republican-backed proposal to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation's secretive surveillance powers.