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20 hours ago Paris Could Limit Most Extreme Warming, Study Says
The pledges made in the lead-up to a major climate summit in Paris next week could limit the likelihood of the most extreme global warming scenarios.

Yesterday E.T. Turkey: How Astronauts Spend Thanksgiving in Space
Astronauts gave thanks and preview their traditional space meal in a greeting from the International Space Station just in time for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday This Uber Rival Had to Replace Its Cabs With Boats
The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has received unusually high monsoon rainfall in the last few weeks, leading to fast-rising floods.

Yesterday E.T. Turkey: Here's How Astronauts Spend Thanksgiving
Astronauts gave thanks and preview their traditional space meal in a greeting from the International Space Station just in time for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday App Lets You Visualize the Wireless Signals Around You
Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, being transmitted from millions of towers and Wi-Fi routers - and this app lets you visualize it.

Yesterday Judge Gives Preliminary OK to Sony Hack Settlement
Sony agrees to reimburse employees up to $10,000 apiece for ID-theft losses, credit-fraud protection services and to pay for plaintiffs' legal fees.

Yesterday Only Copy of New Wu-Tang Album Sells for Millions
Wu-Tang Clan fans can't stream the group's new album, "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin." Instead, they will have to find the buyer who bought the only cop

Yesterday 'Tech Tats' Put Circuits on Your Skin With Conductive Ink
Who needs a smartwatch when you can have a smart tattoo? The tech team at Chaotic Moon Studios has made it possible.

Yesterday Sony Hack: Cyber a Hollywood Priority One Year Later
A year ago Sony suffered a major hack that prompted a string of events that seemed worthy of a tragic-comic blockbuster.

Nov 25 Flu Shots to Food: Uber Hints at Expanding Delivery
Uber will continue to grow beyond just offering a taxi service to a point where it can deliver food in one minute, its head of global operations said.

Nov 25 2015 Is Hottest Year Ever Recorded: U.N. Agency
Earth's wild weather this year is bursting the annual heat record, the World Meteorological Organization announced on Wednesday.

Nov 24 Amazon Pulls Nazi-Themed Ads From NYC Subway
The advertisements for "The Man in the High Castle" completely wrapped the seats, walls and ceilings of one train.

Nov 24 FBI Has Lead in Theft of 1.2 Billion Web Credentials
A hacker has been linked through a Russian email address to the theft of a record 1.2 billion Internet credentials, the FBI said in court documents.

Nov 24 Cancer Treatment Could Improve, Thanks to Sound Waves
Curing patients of cancer is a challenge because the corrupted cells can escape to far corners of the body. But one research team may have found a new

Nov 24 Groups Complain YouTube Kids Is Full of Junk-Food Content
Two groups are asking the FTC to investigate why the app for young children features commercials and videos for products like soda, candy and cookies.

Nov 24 Facebook, Twitter Want You to Hit 'Buy' for Holidays
Social networks are where we post family photos, talk about vacations and share recipes. Now for the first time, they're also where some of us shop.

Nov 24 Can't Wait Until Black Friday? Grab These Early Deals
Looking for a new iPad? How about an Apple Watch? Best Buy is offering big discounts on them for Black Friday.

Nov 24 Could Mars Someday Have Rings Like Saturn?
Mars may one day have rings similar to Saturn's famous halo, new research suggests.

Nov 24 Hackers Use Fake Terror Alert Emails to Spread Malware
With terrorism dominating the news, hackers are trying to exploit people's fears by posing as Dubai law enforcement and spreading malware.

Nov 24 Amazon Founder Bezos' Space Company Lands a Rocket
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space transportation company, Blue Origin, successfully landed a suborbital rocket back at its launch site.

Nov 24 Turkey Tech: 7 Tools for the Perfect Thanksgiving
It's time to put together an Instagram-worthy meal that your friends will be 'Liking' for months to come.

Nov 24 Retailers on the Lookout for Stealthy Malware Attacks
U.S. retailers are hunting for evidence of new breaches after a cyber intelligence firm privately warned them about payment-card-stealing malware.

Nov 23 Dell Acknowledges Security Hole in New Laptops
Dell says the security hole could make it easy for hackers to access users' private data.

Nov 23 U.K. Town Wants You to Know: Goole Isn't Google!
Volunteers in the sleepy East Yorkshire port town have decided to create their very own search engine so people can find it.

Nov 23 Gene-Engineered Mosquitoes Can't Spread Malaria
Researchers in California have genetically engineered mosquitoes that cannot be infected with the malaria parasite and who pass the trait on.

Nov 23 Tech Giants Push Against Lawmakers on Encryption
The terror attacks in Paris have renewed the debate around encryption inside the Beltway, much to the chagrin of America's biggest tech companies.

Nov 23 There's No Need to Label GMO Plants, FDA Says
Genetically engineered plants that have been approved for sale don't need labels and people can be assured they're safe to eat, the Food and Drug Admi

Nov 23 FlatCam Skips the Lens For a Camera Thinner Than a Dime
Digital cameras tend to have two essential parts: a sensor and a lens. You can't do without the sensor, but researchers have managed to skip the lens.

Nov 23 How Drones Are Being Used to Help Save People
While the FAA mulls over its drone regulations, the remote-controlled devices are already being used around the world to keep us safe.

Nov 23 Government Agencies to Slash Greenhouse Emissions
U.S. federal agencies will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations to 41.8 percent below 2008 levels by 2025, the White House announced.