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1 hour ago Twitter's Turkey Headache Just Won't Go Away

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has challenged the microblogging service on its ideas of censorship, libel and restricted content.

1 hour ago Uber and Lyft Price Wars Could Take Their Toll
Uber and Lyft are driving in opposite directions when it comes to how much they charge you for a ride.On Thursday, Uber announced that it would tack on a $1 “safe rides fee” to its UberX car service to cover the cost of insurance, background checks and more.

1 hour ago It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's Superman on The Mall

In an attempt to break a Guinness World Record, people dressed as super heroes and villains gather on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

1 hour ago Virtual Reality Offers a Last Walk in the Sun for Sick Grandmother
Most of us think of virtual reality as the next big thing in gaming. But this sad yet inspiring story of an ailing grandmother's last days puts a powerful new spin on the technology.

7 hours ago Air Force Drone Pilots Are Bummed Out, Overworked: Report
A new report from the Government Accountability Office says the U.S.

7 hours ago Phone Thefts Soar as Kill-Switch Debate Heats Up
Smartphone thefts rarely make national news anymore—unless the victim was seriously hurt or killed during the robbery.But the crime spree has not gone away. It seems to have gotten worse.About 3.

7 hours ago Five Things to Know About Alibaba, 'The Hottest Thing in Tech'
Alibaba, the Chinese internet behemoth that's relatively unknown in the U.S., is preparing to file the prospectus for a U.S.-based initial public offering next week, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

10 hours ago Air Force Drone Pilots Are Bummed Out, Overworked: Report
Today’s Air Force drone pilots are overworked and stressed. They guide the unmanned aircraft over places like Afghanistan from bases thousands of miles away in Nevada, New Mexico and California.

Today Crowdfund Your Artistic Dreams

Short Cuts: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian talks about Patreon, a crowdfunding site that lets fans make monthly contributions to help artists.

22 hours ago Michaels Stores Says Up To 3 Million Cards Affected in Data Breach
Michaels Stores Inc. said Thursday that about 2.6 million customer credit and debit cards used at its namesake stores may have been affected in a security breach but it has received "limited" reports of fraud.

22 hours ago Who Needs Keys? This Siri Hack can Unlock Your Car
Apple’s Siri is handy for checking weather and making appointments with voice commands, but what if she were smart enough to turn the lights on or unlock your car?

22 hours ago Apple's iPhone-like Dashboard Interface 'CarPlay' Demoed by Volvo
In-car touchscreen systems aren't known for their great usability, but a new one modeled on Apple's iOS may prove a more worthwhile platform. CarPlay, designed by Apple in concert with car makers, was shown off by Volvo this week at the New York International Auto Show.

22 hours ago 'Titanfall' Top Video Game, but Xbox One Sales Still Lag Behind PS4
The next-generation console wars continue, with Sony firmly in the lead despite a chart-topping debut by Microsoft's much-anticipated mech-based multiplayer shooter "Titanfall." The score so far? Xbox One, 5 million — PlayStation 4, 7 million.

Yesterday 'Hi David': Mulder-Scully Tweet Exchange Excites X-Philes

Yesterday This Just In! 80 Years of Newsreels Now Free To Watch on YouTube
Before YouTube, before the Internet, before even TV, the way people got their news presented visually was through newsreels shown at movie theaters. Now British Pathe, the premier archive of these newsreels, has brought things full circle by putting its 80-year collection online for free.

Yesterday China's Twitter-Like Weibo Site Debuts on Nasdaq
China's Twitter-like platform Weibo went public on the Nasdaq on Thursday under the symbol "WB" and opened just below the expected $17 price but started trading 2 percent higher soon afterward.The stock was expected to open Thursday morning, but was delayed until closer to noon.

Yesterday Lady Gaga is Going on Tour with a Hologram
Meet Hatsune Miku, a 16-year-old performer with a string of hits in Japan and her own devoted following. She is opening for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Ball tour in May and she would probably be excited about it if she was a living, breathing human being.

Yesterday New App Lets You Control Desktop with Your Phone
Forget your files at home? Google has come up with nifty solution to that problem with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.It gives you remote access to your laptop or desktop through your Android phone or tablet.

Yesterday All the Joe You Can Drink for $45/Month; There's an App for That
New Yorkers can get a subscription for their caffeine addiction — and for now, it’s free.A startup and app called "CUPS" gives subscribers unlimited coffee or tea for $45 a month at dozens of independent coffee shops in Manhattan and around the boroughs.

Yesterday New Feature Lets Your Facebook Friends Know When You're Nearby
You “Like” the photos of your friends’ babies, comment on their status updates and tag yourself in their photos. Now you can find out where they are IRL (in real life, duh) with “Nearby Friends,” launched on Thursday by Facebook.

Yesterday Pay With Your Hand: Technology Offers New Checkout Option

NBC’s Keir Simmons reports on new technology being developed at Lund University in Sweden that lets you pay for items with a simple scan of your palm print.

Yesterday Twitter Unveils Its Version of Facebook's Big Money-Maker

Twitter's newest bid to make even more money — “app install” ads, a newish format that has been a giant hit for Facebook.

Yesterday Landfill on the High Seas: Why's the Ocean Full of Trash?
The search for flight MH370 that has now entered its second month and covered tremendous swaths of ocean has brought attention to a pressing environmental issue: the tons of trash floating in the sea.Searchers have found hundreds of objects floating in the remote waters.

Yesterday Hipster Showdown: Redditors Call 'First' on Everything
Oh, you look at websites? Yeah, I have been doing that since the Netscape days, while riding a fixed gear bike and growing a mustache before anybody even knew what those things were.On Reddit, users have been boasting about their hipster cred in a thread called, “What was your hipster moment?

Yesterday New Jersey Teens Who Shared 'Sexts' Accused of Child Porn

Police urge parents to explain to their children that sending, taking and sharing of naked photos of juveniles is a crime.

Yesterday Where's My Flying Car? Survey Sizes Up How We See the Future
A newly published survey suggests that Americans expect the next 50 years to bring innovations of science-fiction proportions — including old standbys like flying cars and "Star Trek" teleportation.

Yesterday Google Adds SLR-Like Lens Blur to Smartphone Cameras
Yet another feature once only found in expensive SLR cameras is making its way to smartphones: the buttery background blur caused by wide-aperture lenses. Google is bringing a simulated version of this blur to Android phones worldwide.

Yesterday Google Adds SLR-Like Lens Blur To New Camera App
Yet another feature once only found in expensive SLR cameras is making its way to smartphones: the buttery background blur caused by wide-aperture lenses. Google is bringing a simulated version of this blur to Android phones worldwide.

Yesterday Texting Apps Are Doing More Than Just Sending Messages
While you were looking elsewhere, text messaging started to get a lot more interesting.Far from just being a way to communicate short blips of information via your phone, messaging apps are becoming platforms for things like full-blown content sharing and even spending money.

Yesterday Yahoo Wants To Be Apple's Mobile Search Partner: Report

Sources tell Recode that Yahoo hopes to persuade Apple to dump Google as the default search engine on its Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad.