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2 hours ago Target Slapped With Largest Ever Fine for 2013 Data Breach
The most customers ever hacked has ended in Target paying the biggest ever data breach settlement.
17 hours ago IT Expert 'Saved the U.S.' From Cyberattack Using Computer in His Bedroom
Marcus Hutchins, the 22-year-old credited with cracking the WannaCry cyberattack, said he fights malware because "it's the right thing to do."
17 hours ago Mark Zuckerberg Has a Plan to Help Get More Kids to College
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, are setting their sights on their next philanthropic endeavor: helping more students get to college.
17 hours ago Send Your Loved One's Ashes Into Space on Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket
A company planning to send the ashes of dead people into orbit said on Tuesday that it will hitch a flight on one of Elon Musk's SpaceX rockets.
17 hours ago Why the Malware Attack Was Able to Wreak Havoc on Britain's Hospitals
The cyberattack has quickly become another political football in the years-long battle over the funding, remit, and existential future of the NHS.
17 hours ago The Solution to Climate Change Might Be Right Under Our Feet
These projects aim to capture dangerous emissions and store them deep underground — often in natural reservoirs that can hold the gas for millions to billions of years.
17 hours ago Dangerous Superbug Lurks in Houston, Study Finds
A dangerous strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is far more common in Houston than anyone knew and shows signs it can spread prolifically.
17 hours ago How Google Is Catapulting Ahead With Its Smart Assistants
Google showed off advancements in voice and vision technologies at the company's annual Google I/O Developer Conference.
17 hours ago EU Slaps Facebook with Multimillion-Dollar Fine for 'Misleading' on WhatsApp
Facebook has been fined $122M by European regulators for providing "misleading information" about its acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp.
17 hours ago This Google Executive Wants to Improve Your Selfies
Google Photos boss shares his vision for the future of your selfies.
17 hours ago Mark Zuckerberg's Throwback Thursday: The Moment He Got in to Harvard
Mark Zuckerberg is going back to college next week... sort of.
17 hours ago Companies Stockpile Bitcoin as Ransomware Threat Grows
Companies are stockpiling digital currency in preparation for future ransomware attacks, which have grown exponentially in the past few years.
17 hours ago Google Has a Whole New Way to Help You Find a Job
Google wants to help you find your dream job.
17 hours ago This Airport Is Moving Its Air Traffic Controllers 80 Miles Away
London City Airport is set to move its air traffic controllers 80 miles away — where they will instead watch a live feed.
17 hours ago Julian Assange Rape Case Dropped After 7 Years
Two women in Sweden accused the WikiLeaks founder of rape and sexual assault in 2010.
17 hours ago Uber Freight Could Disrupt One of America's Core Industries
Uber launched a new app on Thursday called Uber Freight, which matches trucking companies with loads to haul.
17 hours ago That Tweet You Just Sent Could Help Predict a Flu Outbreak
Our social media and smartphone use is producing heaps of new information that researchers hope could be used to track disease outbreaks in real-time, predict earthquakes, and even prevent suicides.
17 hours ago Robots Could Wipe Out 40 Percent of Retail Jobs by 2027
Robots stealing your job, aisle five.
17 hours ago How Instagram Could Be Hurting Your Mental Health
A new study says Instagram is the worst social media network for young people's mental health. Snapchat is the second worst.
17 hours ago Forty More Genes for Intelligence Discovered
More genes for intelligence have been found, but don't expect designer smart babies or DNA tests for big brains.
17 hours ago Conservative Reps Urge Trump to Fire NIH Head
A group of conservative members of Congress urged President Trump to fire NIH director Francis Collins because of his support for stem cell research.
17 hours ago Will This 'Impossible' Motor Take People to Other Planets?
When NASA one day sends humans to Mars, the journey could take six to nine months each way. But there's a highly-experimental device being developed that could help get us there in less than half that time — if it really works.
17 hours ago AI May Hold the Key to Stopping Suicide
Researchers are now using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict people at high risk of suicide, the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
17 hours ago World's Biggest Aircraft Nails Critical Test Flight
A massive airship, the Airlander 10, recently completed a successful test flight, bringing the helium-filled vehicle a step closer to commercial use.
17 hours ago This Online Therapist Start-up Is Booming Since Trump Was Elected
Online therapist site Talkspace has seen an 80 percent boom in members since Donald Trump was elected.
Yesterday How Ransomware Attack Spread and Total Amount Paid
Payments have trickled in from around the world, including a relatively large payment that researchers believe originated from the Russian government or a Russian business.
May 21 European Car Plants Halted by WannaCry Ransomware Attack
France's Renault and its Japanese alliance partner Nissan have been forced to temporarily idle some of their plants in Europe.
May 21 Elon Musk's Answer to LA's Traffic Jams Looks Like a Lot of Fun
The tech visionary released images and videos detailing his new underground tunnel project, including a first-person view from a sled as it's shot down a test track. He warned in the video's caption it "may cause motion sickness and seizures."
May 21 20 Years After Its IPO, How Amazon Changed the Way We Shop
On its 20th anniversary of becoming a publicly traded company, Amazon is now worth twice as much as Walmart.
May 21 Microsoft Comes Out Swinging at NSA Over Global Hack
Microsoft comes out swinging against the practice of governments hoarding zero day exploits, like the one behind WannaCry.