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10 hours ago Even With a Different Battery, a Samsung Note 7 Caught Fire
A supplier to Samsung said on Monday that its battery does not appear to have caused a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to ignite in China.
10 hours ago Psst... That iPhone 7 Hissing Sound Is Likely Not a Problem
Some new iPhone 7s greeted their owners with a hissy fit.
10 hours ago DOT Releases Policy on Driverless Vehicles
The new rules apply to vehicles that can take full operational control in 'at least some circumstances.'
10 hours ago Want More Ways to Be Judged on Tinder? Spotify Can Help.
There's now another way for potential matches to judge Tinder users.
10 hours ago As the Govt Takes the Wheel, How Will Self-Driving Tech Change?
"This is just the first step," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, after the Dept released federal guidelines for self-driving vehicles.
10 hours ago What To Know About Samsung's Dangerously Hot Phone
The story of flaming batteries in Samsung's flagship device is murky and changing rapidly. Here's what you need to know about the Galaxy Note 7.
10 hours ago China Embraces Coding Languages as the Future
Kids are being groomed to lead China's push to become an "innovation powerhouse."
10 hours ago Tesla Fixes Bugs After Hackers Show They Can Open Trunk, Apply Brakes
One day after cyber-security researchers disclosed a bug in Tesla's software, Tesla said it had fixed the glitch.
10 hours ago The New, Easy Way to Watch the Debates: Twitter or YouTube
The upcoming presidential debates are set to have a global audience thanks to live streaming initiatives from Twitter and YouTube.
10 hours ago Zuckerberg Just Pledged $3B to Cure Disease: 5 Things to Know
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, marked the birth of their daughter by announcing they planned to give away 99 percent of their wealth.
10 hours ago Is Google's New Allo App Creepy or Creatively Useful?
At its core, Allo is a messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to predict how you might want to reply to a friend.
10 hours ago U.N. Calls Superbugs a Fundamental Threat
"Antimicrobial resistance poses a fundamental threat to human health, development and security," says WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan.
10 hours ago Can Zuckerberg's $3 Billion Plan End All Disease?
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan's pledge to spend $3 billion to end all diseases is a drop in the bucket compared to what's already being done.
10 hours ago Keep Crashing That Drone? Now You Can - It's Made of Lego
This is one drone you are encouraged to crash over and over again.
10 hours ago Yahoo Says 'State-Sponsored Actor' Hacked 500M Accounts
Yahoo confirmed a massive security breach impacting 500 million users and said it believes a "state-sponsored actor" is behind the hack.
10 hours ago Top Dems: Russians Trying to Influence U.S. Election
"This effort is intended to sow doubt about the security of our election and may well be intended to influence the outcomes."
10 hours ago Yahoo Breach of 500M Accounts Among Biggest Ever
The Yahoo breach, which is being blamed on a "state-sponsored actor" was way worse than anyone expected.
10 hours ago Want to Avoid Getting Hacked? Follow These Tips.
The simple trick to make a secure password you can also remember.
10 hours ago The New Way You'll Get Hacked: Your Banking App
Thieves will always go where there is money - even when it means hacking your phone's banking apps.
10 hours ago Elon Musk is Ready to Reveal His Big Plan For Colonizing Mars
The SpaceX CEO wants to create a multi-planetary society.
10 hours ago If Your Phone Is So Good, Do You Need a 'Real' Camera?
Now that the camera is a pinnacle feature on everyone's smartphone, is a fancy DSLR camera even necessary any more?
10 hours ago Snapchat Launches Video Sunglasses and Becomes Snap Inc.
Snapchat will launch Spectacles, $130 video sunglasses that can record and upload 10-second clips to social sites.
10 hours ago Instagram Now Has Half a Billion Advertisers
Facebook-owned Instagram said on Thursday its advertising base more than doubled to exceed 500,000 in the last six months.
10 hours ago Is Google About to Buy Twitter?
Twitter has received expressions of interest from several technology or media companies and may receive a formal bid shortly, sources said Friday.
22 hours ago If Your Phone is So Good, Do You Need a 'Real' Camera?
Now that the camera is a pinnacle feature on everyone's smartphone, is a fancy DSLR camera even necessary any more?
Yesterday Who Are the Russian-Backed Hackers Attacking the U.S.?
Kremlin-backed hackers have launched a campaign of cyber-espionage, experts say. Their target: Western institutions and Russia's political opponents.
Yesterday Google Paid Only 0.1 Percent of Its Taxes, Indonesia Says
Indonesia's tax office will investigate Google for suspected unpaid taxes from billions of dollars worth of advertising revenue.
Yesterday What Do Polyester Pants Do To Your Sex Life?
Try this next time you have an itchy arm: Look in the mirror and scratch the wrong arm. Scientists who found it worked have now been honored.
Sep 22 Virtual Reality a Little Too Real as Gamers Caught Groping
Virtual reality got a little too real at the Tokyo Game Show on Friday when gamers lined up at one exhibition and got touchy-feely with a mannequin.
Sep 22 Want to Ask a Question at the Presidential Debate? Use Facebook.
There's going to be one larger than life presence at the Presidential debates — and we're not just talking about Donald Trump.