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6 hours ago 'COVFEFE Act' Would Force President Trump to Save All His Tweets
"The name might be silly, but the issue's really important and serious," a spokeswoman for the bill's sponsor, Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Illinois, told NBC News Monday.
6 hours ago Marissa Mayer Leaves Yahoo With a Golden Parachute After Merger
Mayer, who served as Yahoo's CEO for nearly five years, is said to be receiving a $23 million golden parachute.
6 hours ago Who's Going to Run Uber?
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he is taking time away from the company to grieve for his late mother.
6 hours ago Uber CEO Confirms He Is Taking Indeterminate Leave
Kalanick's leave comes after the death of his mother and an independent report released on company's handling of harassment claims.
6 hours ago Britain, France Propose Legal Liability for Online Extremism
French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe should consult with U.S. law enforcement agencies on finding extremist materials "wherever this data is located."
6 hours ago Uber Board Member Who Made Sexist Comment Resigns
What as supposed to be a day of reflection and how to create "Uber 2.0" also included an painfully uncomfortable moment.
6 hours ago How Emojis Can Improve Your Relationships
Emojis might seem dumb, but one expert says they're actually making us smarter and better communicators.
6 hours ago Four Fascinating Things We Learned About Uber From Its Review
An independent investigation into Uber's workplace culture and policies is offering a glimpse of what it's like to work at the San Francisco company.
6 hours ago Top Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Get Dad something he can really use, whether that means upgrading his phone or surprising him with a new laptop.
6 hours ago The GIF Turned 30, So Facebook Is Throwing It a Party
Facebook, which as we all know has a thing for celebrating birthdays, is now paying homage to the GIF's 30th year of existence.
6 hours ago Facebook Wants to Be 'Hostile' Place for Terrorists
Facebook's response comes as European officials call for new laws that would fine social media companies for not swiftly removing extremist content.
6 hours ago The Internet Is Flipping out Over Twitter's Redesign
Twitter unveiled a bubbly new look this week — but not everyone is into it.
6 hours ago Hey Jeff Bezos, Do You Donate?
After the New York Times called out the Amazon CEO for not disclosing any philanthropy, Jeff Bezos asked Twitter for ideas.
6 hours ago Dow Hits Another Record High as Amazon, Tech Stocks Soar
Stocks hit a record high on Monday, with the Dow Jones up 100 points to 21,453.58.
6 hours ago What the Rise of Sentient Robots Will Mean for Human Beings
Sci-fi may have us worried about self-aware robots, but it's the mindless ones we need to be cautious of. Conscious machines may actually be our allies.
6 hours ago Dad Wants a Ban on Smartphones for Young Kids
A new ballot initiative in Colorado seeks to preserve "Natural Childhood" by banning smartphones for kids under 13
6 hours ago Is It Time to "Make America Great Again" With Supercomputers?
Is it time to "Make America Great Again" with supercomputers?
6 hours ago Where Did Your Kitty Come From? DNA Study Tells Tale
Cat Tale: Your Kitty's Ancestors Came From Two Places
6 hours ago Amazon Brings Prime To Your Clothing Closet
Amazon launches Prime Wardrobe to let Prime members try clothes on at home and return for free what they don't like.
6 hours ago Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns Under Pressure
Travis Kalanick promised to reinvent his company as "Uber 2.0" after a string of scandals — but investors ran out if patience and demanded he quit.
6 hours ago Who Dares Step Up to Be the Next CEO of Uber?
With Travis Kalanick out as Uber CEO, who might have the experience — and the grit — to step in and lead the embattled company?
6 hours ago AI Is a Game-Changer in the Fight Against Hunger and Poverty. Here's Why
Scientists around the world are harnessing AI's data-mining ability in the fight against poverty.
6 hours ago Are People Actually Tipping Their Uber Drivers?
Uber's new tipping option rolled out in three cities this week and will cover the entire United States by the end of July.
6 hours ago This Dating App Can Find Cheaters, Doppelgängers
This app uses AI to help you find you catch a cheating spouse.
6 hours ago Tech Titans Meet at the White House
President Trump summoned some of the biggest names in technology to the White House on Monday for a meeting to discuss how to modernize government IT.
Yesterday Uber CEO's Right-Hand Man Is the Latest Exec to Leave
Uber's chief business officer, Emil Michael, is leaving the company.
Jun 21 'Cryosleep' May Open the Door to Deep Space. Here's How
These developing technologies could help get to Mars — and beyond.
Jun 20 Brain Scans May Help Predict Autism in High-Risk Infants
A new kind of brain scan may be able to predict when a baby as young as six months old will develop autism, researchers say.
Jun 20 Man Gets Death Penalty in Pakistan for Blaspheming on Facebook
It is the first time someone has been handed the death penalty in the country for insulting the Prophet Mohammad on social media.
Jun 20 Uber's Board Accepts All Holder Recommendations
After meeting for more than five hours, Uber's board voted to accept all recommendations made by former Attorney General Eric Holder, to be made public Tuesday.