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49 min ago The Latest: Le Pen sees French presidential vote ‘surprise’
The latest on the French presidential runoff on May 7 (all times local):
49 min ago Venezuela’s chief prosecutor decries violence as deaths rise
Venezuela’s chief prosecutor on Tuesday denounced a wave of unrest that has resulted in 26 deaths, vowing to hold all those responsible accountable and calling on both sides of a heated political spectrum to “lower the tone of confrontation.”
49 min ago Top Mexican official calls US border wall a ‘hostile’ act
Mexico’s foreign relations secretary says U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall is an “unfriendly, hostile” act.
49 min ago 9 former US ambassadors urge Congress not to cut UN funding
Nine former American ambassadors to the United Nations are urging the U.S. Congress to maintain Washington’s leadership at the world body by fully funding its operations.
49 min ago France’s Le Pen says the people revolting against the elite
Far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen said Tuesday that people are revolting against the elite and predicted that could translate into a “very big surprise” when ballots are cast May 7 in France’s final round to choose a new leader — and it will be her.
49 min ago Police, indigenous in Brazil clash with tear gas and spears
Brazilian military police in front of Congress hurled tear gas at thousands of indigenous protesters, who responded by throwing spears and shooting arrows as a peaceful demonstration turned into chaos Tuesday.
49 min ago German crowd boos Ivanka Trump for calling her father a 'champion' for families
An effort to promote women entrepreneurs hits a snag.
49 min ago Workers endured long hours, low pay at Chinese factory used by Ivanka Trump’s clothing-maker
Knitting workers were forced to labor 57 hours a week for near-minimum-wage pay.
49 min ago Turkey expands strikes against Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq 
The U.S. criticized the strikes, which killed 20 fighters who were part of a Washington-backed effort against the Islamic State.
49 min ago Whoever wins France’s presidency will still face a big challenge: Governing 
Call it the Donald Trump dilemma. Presidents need lawmakers on their side.
49 min ago White House holds out prospect of diplomatic solution to North Korea crisis  
Meanwhile, the North, the South, Japan and the United States were conducting military drills in the region.
49 min ago A European deal with Libya could leave migrants facing beatings, rape and slavery
The last major migrant route into Europe could be shut down as new arrivals are surging. 
4 hours ago WTO ruling favors Mexico in US ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna spat
The World Trade Organization says Mexico’s tuna industry has been harmed by U.S. “dolphin-safe” labeling rules and the country can seek retaliatory measures worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
4 hours ago US urges new sanctions against South Sudan, Russia says ‘no’
U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley urged the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday to impose an arms embargo and additional sanctions on South Sudan to pressure the parties to end the civil war in the world’s newest nation — but Russia and China remain opposed.
4 hours ago UN chief says Yemen aid conference draws $1.1B in pledges
International donors have pledged $1.1 billion for war-torn Yemen, the U.N. secretary-general said Tuesday, appealing to the fighting sides to grant access to humanitarians and revive diplomatic efforts to end a conflict that has killed over 10,000 civilians.
4 hours ago Czech president’s visit to US postponed due to NKorea crisis
The new Czech ambassador to Washington says Czech President Milos Zeman’s trip to the United States has been postponed due to a tense situation over North Korea.
4 hours ago Turkey strikes Kurds in Iraq, Syria, drawing condemnation
Turkish warplanes struck suspected Kurdish rebel positions in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday, drawing condemnation from Baghdad and criticism from the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group, which is allied with Kurdish factions in both countries.
4 hours ago A Thai man hanged his infant daughter on Facebook Live — then hanged himself, reports say
Facebook called it an “appalling incident” and extended condolences to the family.
4 hours ago A HuffPost column calling for disenfranchisement of white men is declared hate speech in South Afric
A HuffPost editor defended the article before its author was revealed to be a hoaxer in a wig.
4 hours ago Over 1,000 migrants and refugees have died crossing the Mediterranean so far this year
A little noticed milestone.
4 hours ago Turkey expands strikes against Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq 
The strikes killed 20 fighters who are part of a U.S.-backed effort against the Islamic State.
4 hours ago North Korea carries out huge live-fire drills as U.S. warships gather 
The rival shows of force come as the Trump administration is pressuring Pyongyang to give up its missile program.
7 hours ago ASEAN leaders likely to go soft on sea feud in Manila summit
Southeast Asian leaders will express serious concern over territorial disputes in the South China Sea when they gather in an annual summit in Manila this week, but a draft of a communique to be issued at the end of the meeting indicates they will adopt subdued language on a conflict that has increasingly alarmed Asian and Western governments.
7 hours ago A look at the conflict in Yemen as donors pledge $1B in aid
For more than two years, Yemen has been in the grip of a conflict between a Saudi-led military coalition and Shiite rebels that has driven the Arab world’s poorest country to the brink of famine.
7 hours ago Israel PM cancels talk with German FM in rare spat with ally
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly canceled talks Tuesday with the German foreign minister over the visiting diplomat’s plans to sit down with an Israeli rights group, sparking a rare diplomatic feud with one of Israel’s closest and most important allies.
7 hours ago Anti-Semitism group says 10 tombstones smashed in Romania
An anti-Semitism organization says vandals have smashed 10 tombstones at a cemetery in the Romanian capital in “a premeditated act.”
7 hours ago Brazil police arrest 9 men suspected of stealing millions
Brazil’s Federal Police say they have arrested nine men suspected of stealing millions of dollars in an explosive assault of an armored car company in neighboring Paraguay.
7 hours ago Tanzania expels country head of UN Development Program
Tanzania’s government has ordered the expulsion of the head of the United Nations Development Program in this East African country.
7 hours ago Britain's pro-Brexit party left divided after 'burqa ban' proposal
Libertarian-leaning figures are breaking with UKIP after a proposed ban on full-face coverings.
7 hours ago German crowd boos Ivanka Trump for calling her father a 'champion' for families
“Women are at a particular disadvantage."