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24 min ago AP NewsAlert
Beijing cuts contacts between China-Taiwan liaison bodies, says island’s leader fails to endorse one-China concept.
24 min ago Pope prays at Armenia memorial after denouncing ‘genocide’
Pope Francis demanded Saturday that the world never forget the victims of the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians at the country’s imposing genocide memorial, hours after drawing a standing ovation from his hosts when he declared the slaughter a planned “genocide” aimed at annihilating an entire people.
24 min ago China cuts contact with Taiwan liaison body over Tsai
Beijing said Saturday it had cut off contact with the main Taiwan liaison body because of President Tsai Ing-wen’s refusal to endorse the concept of a single Chinese nation, ratcheting up pressure on the new Taiwanese leader.
24 min ago Diplomats from EU’s founding 6 meet in Berlin to talk Brexit
Top diplomats from the European Union’s original six founding nations are meeting in Berlin for hastily arranged talks following Britain’s stunning vote to leave the bloc.
24 min ago Markets reel as world absorbs shock of UK vote for Brexit
Britain has jumped. Now it is wildly searching for the parachute.
24 min ago Brexit: A modern-day Peasants' Revolt?
A journalist invokes a grand historic metaphor of the 1381 Peasants' Revolt.
3 hours ago Taiwan protests after Cambodia deports suspects to China
Taiwan protested after Cambodia deported 25 Taiwanese internet scam suspects to rival China in the latest snub of the self-ruled island.
3 hours ago Pope prays at Armenia memorial after denouncing ‘genocide’
Pope Francis heads to Armenia’s genocide memorial for a prayer service, fresh from his ad-libbed declaration that the Ottoman-era massacre of Armenians a century ago was a planned “genocide.”
3 hours ago Saudi police officer killed in kingdom’s Shiite east
Authorities in Saudi Arabia say a police officer working on a traffic patrol has been shot dead in the kingdom’s predominantly Shiite east amid continued unrest in neighboring Bahrain.
3 hours ago Young Colombians look ahead to a peace they’ve never known
Carlos Ordonez has no idea what peace looks like since his town has been under constant threat from rebels for as long as he remembers.
6 hours ago Indonesia tries to steer convicted militants to new lives
In the heart of Solo city, not far from the Islamic boarding school founded by the radical cleric who inspired the 2002 Bali bombings, the staff of an unremarkable-looking restaurant prepare for another day serving the humble staples of the Indonesian diet to hungry locals.
6 hours ago Congo’s president promises democratic vote despite tensions
Congo’s president on Friday broke his silence on upcoming elections that have fueled tensions in this central African country for well over a year, promising a democratic process but declining to detail his political future.
9 hours ago Bermuda voters reject same-sex marriage in non-binding vote
A strong majority of voters in Bermuda have opposed same-sex marriage in a non-binding referendum in the British island territory.
9 hours ago After Obama decision, first US airstrikes hit Afghan Taliban
The U.S. military has launched its first airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama’s decision earlier this month to expand America’s involvement against the insurgents, U.S. officials said Friday.
9 hours ago WADA suspends Rio doping lab just six weeks before Olympics begin
Outgoing WADA chief says it's because of "pretty disturbing" mistakes.
9 hours ago Crisis or speed bump? What UK vote means for economy sectors
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union adds a heavy dose of uncertainty to a world economy that is still struggling to reach full speed years after the global financial crisis.
9 hours ago US hopes for talks between Venezuela government, opposition
A top U.S. diplomat is calling his visit to Venezuela productive and says he hopes international players will be able to facilitate dialogue between the country’s socialist government and its opposition.
9 hours ago Body of Orlando nightclub shooting victim returned to Mexico
The body of a 22-year-old Mexican killed in the June 12 nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida, has been returned to his hometown in southern Mexico for burial.
9 hours ago Dow drops more than 600 points as Brexit raises risk of global recession
The risk of another global recession escalated Friday after Britain’s stunning decision to leave the European Union plunged financial markets into free fall and tested the strength of the safeguards put in place since the last downturn seven years ago.
9 hours ago With Brexit, E.U. leaders confront their worst-case scenario
A flurry of diplomacy began as officials scrambled to manage Britain’s pending exit from the bloc.
9 hours ago Scottish leader threatens a second independence referendum
In the wake of the Brexit vote, Nicola Sturgeon said she wants to protect Scotland’s E.U. membership.
9 hours ago Heartbroken Brits react to Brexit result with #NotMyVote hashtag
Thousands jumped on Twitter to express their sorrow and to disassociate themselves from the majority who ticked "leave" instead of "remain."
9 hours ago Brexit vote sends a message to politicians everywhere: It can happen here
The British uprising can’t predict what will happen in the U.S. this fall, but it can’t be ignored either.
12 hours ago The Latest: Obama says UK committed to orderly transition
The Latest on the U.S. presidential campaign (all times EDT):
12 hours ago Cheers, jeers and fears as Britain votes to exit EU
On its face Britain looked the same on Friday: The White Cliffs of Dover gleamed, the clamor of construction rumbled across London and bathers in the Hampstead Heath park took a dip in a murky pond while the rare sun lasted.
12 hours ago Russian governor suspected of accepting bribe of $454,000
A Russian governor has been arrested on charges of taking a 400,000-euro ($454,000) bribe, the nation’s top investigative agency said Friday.
12 hours ago North Korea: We won’t abandon nukes with US gun to our head
The top North Korean official for U.S. relations told The Associated Press on Friday that his country is now a nuclear threat to be reckoned with, and Washington can expect more nuclear tests and missile launches like the ones earlier this week as long as it attempts to force his government’s collapse through a policy of pressure and punishment.
12 hours ago With David Cameron stepping down, all eyes are on Boris Johnson
If David Cameron was the biggest political loser of the night, Boris Johnson is arguably the big winner.
12 hours ago Scottish leader threatens a second independence referendum
Nicola Sturgeon says she wants to protect Scotland’s E.U. membership.
12 hours ago Britain’s shock vote brings swift consequences as leader to resign, markets plunge
David Cameron staked his political future on remaining in the E.U. but could not persuade his people.